To attend the Daily Booster Wheel:

1, Your accounts need at least 500 hours of playtime Dota 2 or 50 hours of playtime CS:GO. (System check your recent activity of steam, profile must be public.)
2, Join steam group: DotaX2Official.
3, Name include For example, your current steam's name is: "AbCdEfGh", you just change to: "AbCdEfGh".

Withdraw enabled (active) immediately when total bet of your account reach 5,000 or you have deposited at least 5,000.
Each withdraw must lower or equal to your available coins to withdraw and (of course) your balance.

Account need active withdraw to use this feature.
To send coins use the chat command: "/send [steam64id] [amount]"

For example, to send 1000 coins to steam64id: 76561198327809240 you'd type "/send 76561198327809240 1000".
Alternatively click the person's avatar/name in chat and select "Send coins".
To find your steam64id you can use sites like /

Some others commands:
/clear : clear all chat.
/hidden : hide chat bar.
/betshow [value] : only display bet values greater than your input value. For example, "/betshow 10000".

Coins are obtained by depositing Dota 2 / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins.

There are 3 other ways to get coins apart from depositing item:

1, Use redeem code for 100 coins.
2, Join Daily Booster Wheel - Daily Free.
3, Make your own code at Affiliates page and invite player. When someone enter your code, you'll receive 20 coins, visit the Affiliates page for collect coins.

If you've already activated used the free 100 coins with the help of a promo code, you can't enter any other code anymore. one way to get more coins is by depositing skins.

Avoid spam promo code, accounts enter promo code need at least 500 hours of playtime Dota 2, or owned Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and play at least 50 hours.

DO NOT contact support asking for coins.

System check your recent activity of steam.
If you do not have recent activities related to Dota 2 (sometime steam cleared it), the system will not recognize them.

All you need to do is in-game Dota 2 for a while and exit game.

To create your own referral code, visit the Affiliates page.

The affiliate system lets anyone earn credits by referring new players to the site. Visit the affiliate dashboard to generate your unique referral code. Share with friends, in forum signatures, or on social media.

When new players use your referral code they'll earn 100 FREE credits. And you'll earn credits every time your referrals place a bet – regardless if they win or lose.

Your affiliate level determines how much (%) you'll earn from each referral. Your affiliate level is determined by the amount of player you've referred:

<300 : Silver (1 coin per 300 bet)

<1000 : Gold (1 coin per 200 bet)

1000+ : Diamond (1 coin per 100 bet)

1, Mobile authenticator: Make sure that your mobile authenticator is attached to this account and that you have it for at least 15 days.
2, Steam's profile: Verify that your profile and inventory on Steam is public. Make sure your steam profile is normally. Eg in case: Can't deposit CS:GO item if you have VAC ban on CS:GO.
3, Item is still valid: Make sure that the item is still valid. Eg in case: You try deposit the item you don't have, or you and someone else withdrawing the same item at the same time, but he/she accept first.
4, Steam community, inventories: Make sure that the Steam platform is not experiencing problems in inventories (Player Inventories - Normal) and the steam community (Steam Community - Normal).
To check the status, use the platform

If you believe that all the above mentioned problems do not concern you, then please try creating the exchange a few more times at a different time.

If the problem is not solved in an hour, then please contact our support.

You can email us at, or inbox to our facebook fanpage. Please make sure to include your steam ID.